Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Back To Business In China

Here is a picture of a rich old male American eager to sell his soul so he can be even richer and seemingly more powerful
Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao (R) shakes hands with Thomas J. Donohue, president and chief executive of the United States Chamber of Commerce, during a meeting in Beijing, capital of China, May 16, 2005. (Xinhua Photo)

While the USA attacks the media at home for reporting things accurately yet again and as the USA media ignores the big news of the century which is the horrific fact that the USA itself is going rapidily bankrupt, the Chinese keep their eyes on the prize.

World eyes China as new source of fortune says today's headlines in the Chinese official media. Last week's weak turn out to vote for the ruling party in Taiwan dismayed the Chinese leaders but they, like the Culture of Life News editor, saw clearly that the 14% vote of support from the general population (the turn out was less than 25%) renedered the vote meaningless as a gage of popular support. So as their agenda goes, the Chinese continue to move forwards with all the plans. The top plan is to take advantage of American gullibility and desire to betray the USA in profound ways if this makes an individual richer.
The 2005 Fortune Global Forum, a prestigious world business summit, opened Monday in Beijing with Chinese President Hu Jintao inviting global businesses to take full advantage of the fast-growing economy of China and Asia.

"China and Asia are quickly becoming a new growth engine for the world while the global boom is also generating more important opportunities for China and Asia," said Hu while addressing a grand opening ceremony of the forum in the Great Hall of the People, the seat of China's national legislature in central Beijing, on Monday evening.

"China's economic growth has brought and will continue to bring win-win opportunities to Asia and the World," Hu told the 800-strong audience, among whom were the CEOs of more than 80 of the world's top 500 businesses.

Think the Americans running this tet a tet in China aren't traitors? The Chinese know and rub it in:
In a remarkable symbol of respect to the Chinese hosts, the forum has for the first time changed its traditional blue logo into a red one, or the "color of China." However, the organizers' original plan of holding the opening ceremony at Tiantan in southern Beijing, or the Temple of Heaven where ancient emperors prayed for national prosperity, was disrupted by rainy weather.

Remember Bush sitting with Putin applauding the parade of communist flags and symbols? It was hilarious. Now this. The Chinese probably will ask American executives to spend a minute waving Little Red Books next year. Symbols matter. This is why Americans who pretend to be patriots like to bloviate about how the American flag should be sacred. Well, the color red is, as the article states, "China". The fact that Fortune magazine kow towed concerning this matter says volumes about the craven desire to make money no matter what it means to the home people in America.
"No company can succeed without tapping the potential of the Chinese and Asian markets," said an official with General Motors, whose CEO Rick Wagoner is also attending the forum. Troubled by poor sales recently, GM is trying to find a remedy at the forum to help revitalize the sluggish Asian vehicle market.

And China has made it clear that it wants to help. "China will keep opening up its market ... and work still harder to help foreign investors and create an even better environment for trade and economic cooperation...," pledged Hu in his speech.

"Help" in this context is to move all the GM manufacturing to China. Do not doubt this. This is the program. After taking in auto manufacturing, the Chinese plan to remove all civilian aircraft manufacturing to China too. And they will succeed in this because our top executives are all traitors who care only about themselves. Culture of Life News has covered this extensively. In their own words, the top executives say outright they want nothing to do with keeping American workers either alive or well off. They want a flat earth as Friedman is fond of saying. Flat in like "run over like a skunk on the highway" flat.

Unlike America, China has energy plans that are relatively sane which this news service is discussing at the Culture of Life Energy pages.

All in all, there seems to be no good news for the American worker but tons of great news for American multimillionaire bosses. For now.

Not later.

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