Saturday, April 30, 2005

While We Contemplate Trade War With China....

Bangalore software hit six billion dollars, up 52 percent!

Like, whoa, dudes, way to go! As we scream ourselves hoarse at the Chinese trying to get them to cut loos from our dying dollar, here is another hole in Dyke America! Not only are we not pugging it, Microsoft wants to "fix" it by importing the people who are doing this so they can do it here too!

(Mr. Gowda) said 198 technology companies and eight hardware firms started operations in Bangalore last year, including global names such as Unisys Global Services, CapGemini Consulting, Volvo India and Google Online India.

Dell just announced they are joining the gang down in India, too. And a host of others. The place is getting pretty crowded.

I guess, we plan to tackle that when the last computer job leaves America.

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